"Kitney Mein Chahiye ?"

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"Kitney Mein Chahiye ?"

OR FBMessanger

What is Quote Your Deal ?

The travelspice quote your deal platform helps you save upto 70% on your hotel bookings. You get rates far better than other travel sites, please go ahead and compare them.

How to Quote Your Deal ?

Enter the city in the “where do you want to go” box along with your travel dates and click on "BID Now:" select your preferred area, star category and then “Quote Your Deal “per night, and than click on Preview Offer.

What Happens Next ?

You preview your offer details and click on the "Buy My Hotel Now" button and make the payment; Travelspice will look for a hotel to match your offer within 3 business hours. You can expect an email with hotel confirmation voucher within 3 (three) business hours. As a "very limited period offer", Travelspice guarantees you a hotel room + breakfast at the Region and Star category requested by you, (Our business hours for "Quote Your Deal" hotel bookings are 9 AM to 6 PM).

Do you have apprehensions to transact with us ?

Travelspice hotel participants are major national brands or quality independent hotels. We screen participating hotels based on Trip Advisor rating (3.5 Star & above) and update our information constantly to ensure you always receive high quality accommodations. We will find you a room in a hotel willing to agree to your price in your requested area and star rating. Hotels don't want to advertise prices this low. You'll get the hotel name after you book, so the hotel keeps its good image. "You can view the list of hotels for the particular area under "Which Hotels" against each star rating, you will be alloted anyone of the hotel room from the list.

So go ahead “Quote your Hotel Deal" and get utpo 70% discount on these amazing hotel properties” Trust us folks you will have a great experience and it has never been this safer to purchase online.